About Me


Hi! My name is Nicole and I’m a professional organizer, mom of two, army veteran, and lover of all things organized. Oh, and I run on Dunkin ;) 

Ever since I can remember I have been obsessed with organization. I love the challenge of finding a place for everything, creating storage solutions and streamlining everyday processes. It’s safe to say that The Container Store is my happy place! 

   Once I came to the point where my home was balanced and functional for my family, I no longer needed to implement new systems. That put me on the hunt for willing people that would let me into their homes to organize. Lucky for me, the people I assist with organization welcome the help! 

Between the closets, pantries, garages, kitchens, playrooms, home downsizing and home sale staging, my dream job was born! As an added bonus I was able to help others who were too overwhelmed or too busy to organize themselves. 

Are you ready to get organized?

Life is a balancing act. Work, school, family, kids, our homes, our goals and dreams. The people and experiences in our lives shouldn't be overshadowed by our stuff. 


Together we can find the balance by creating order.